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Well, that wasn't so bad! We'll have one more update this month, it will go up next Monday.

As promised, I've opened a new tier on Patreon! The 8$ tier now has access to sketches of NSFW/intimate scenes and has the ability to request sketches every month as well. You can check all about it on my Patreon.

I still need your help to keep producing weekly comic pages. Since I won't be able to work on the comic during this month, I've extended the goal to the end of September. I hope you can help me reach 180$ by that time so I can continue bringing you 4 pages a month, or else I need to focus more on doing paid work and I'll have a lot less time to work on the comic. The good news is that I've revised all my milestones, and getting extra updates each month will be a lot easier with your support. You can read more about it on this post, and find my Patreon here.

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