Children of the Night updated with page 447, page 448, page 449 and page 450. It's volume 2's grand finale, so it felt right to update with all four pages! This is it, now the premise of the story is finally established, our small red bean is involved in a love triangle with a vampire and a vampire hunter. It will only get more complicated from now on *rubs hands together*.

With the end of this chapter, I’ll need some time to get everything ready to continue the comic. I need to script and storyboard the next chapter and build a buffer of pages, so the comic will go on hiatus for about two months and should resume updates in late October. I'm also being forced to work slower than usual because I've been diagnosed with both tennis and golfer's elbow, a tendinitis on both sides of my elbow. Thank you so much for your patience, and I apologize for the recent update hiccups.

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