Main characters:

Elizabeth Collins
Age: 18
Height: 167cm
Eyes: emerald green; Hair: auburn

Elizabeth is a cheerful young lady that loves reading novels. She's at the age of marriage so she can no longer be as carefree as before.

Lawrence Aspen
Age: ??
Height: 190cm
Eyes: dark red; Hair: light blonde

Lawrence is a man tormented by sins of his past. He's quite reclusive and often spends his time shut in his manor reading books.

Kenneth Masters   (Character sheet)
Age: 21
Height: 187cm
Eyes: greyish blue; Hair: black

Kenneth is Elizabeth's fiancé. Elizabeth has a terrible first impression of him, considering him an arrogant, petulant man. But is he?

Secondary characters:


Appears to be a friend or adviser to Lawrence. While he might come across as patronizing, he is actually quite protective of him.


She rules over the London Council with a tight, iron grip. She shares a past with Julien and appears very interested in Lawrence.

Mrs. Collins

Mrs. Collins is Elizabeth and Anne's mother. She's very stritct and does not allow anyone to go against her will.

Mr. Collins

Mr.Collins is Elizabeth and Anne's father. He doesn't care much about his daughter's upbringing or the way his wife manages the household. He just wants to read his newspapers with a cigar and a glass of port.

Anne Collins

Anne is Elizabeth's older sister. She's a widow who lost her husband only a year after their marriage, but a child was still born from their union named James. She moved back into her parent's house to ward off loneliness.


Millie's mother has been the Collins' cook for many years. She grew up as a maid of the household and is particularly close to Elizabeth.